Cody Sanders - Team Management Profile Assessment

This is a summary of my Margerison-McCan Team Management assessment.

Major Role: Creator-Innovator

Secondary Roles: Thruster-Organizer, Explorer-Promoter

Here is a general summary of "preferences" for Creator-Innovators as outlined by Team Management Profile.  This is not an absolute, but a guideline.

You can view my entire profile by clicking this link to the pdf.

Key Points of Note for Creator-Innovators:

  • You can make major contributions to the design and creative aspects of work projects.
  • You are quiet, reflective and sometimes do not say things that seem obvious to you.
  • You enjoy creative thinking.
  • You have a high degree of curiosity in certain work areas and this motivatesyok to find out more.
  • You like complex problems and will work on them in a concentrated way over long periods.
  • You like to understand things in depth and may state matters in a complex way so as to cover all aspects.
  • You tend to prefer the advisory role than organizing role.
  • You are strong on logical, analytical skills.
  • You prefer to take a wide, diverging view of a problem rather than converge too quickly.
  • You dislike too many interruptions.
  • you can work by yourself for long periods.
  • You are independent in the way you work and do not always fit easily into bureaucratic, organization systems.
  • You enjoy collecting a lot of information on a subject and sorting out the possibilities and implications.
  • You put a lot of energy into future-oriented activities, rather than concentrating on present, practical, day-to-day issues.
  • You need a team of people who are Controllers-Organizers to complement your strengths of Exploring and Advising.

Creator Innovator Overview:

Creator-Innovators are usually people with a strong, intellectual curiosity who will be concerned to design and develop new approaches to problems.  They are good at theoretical thinking and like to pursue a wide range of ideas.  Their strength often lies in their ability to formulate criteria for problem solving.  Provided the puzzle or problem is sufficiently interesting and presents a challenge to their curiosity, they will keep on looking for an answer despite opposition or indifference.  They are important people to have in any team and organization that is concerned with looking at new ways of doing things.  The term Creator-Innovator is, therefore, appropriate.

As a Creator-Innovator, you are more creative than most people and like to gather a lot of information to feed your ideas.  Because you enjoy pursuing matters in depth, you will often look for time when you can be alone, to read, write, thin and develop your ideas.

Other people may not always recognize the contributions you can make, because you are not given to communicating your ideas freely until they are fully formed.  For you, much of the challenge in a job comes for analysis and design, and once that is achieved you may lose interest and move on to other work.

People with this profile are open to new ideas and willing to listen to all shades of opinion.  However, they do not like being pressurized, and will stop being adaptable and become quite intransigent when they believe their basic ideas are being attacked and undermined.

You are particularly interested in the design aspects of any work project and are always searching for new ways to do things.  Often, you may feel misunderstood, particularly as you prefer to work in areas which are on the edge of the unknown.  Sometimes, people may not always recognize your abilities and the contribution you make to the project at hand.